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The New Zealand Cycle Trail Project is building a valuable new asset for the tourism industry. Cycling is a popular worldwide tourism activity and the Cycle Trails Project will put New Zealand on the map in this respect. New Zealand already has a great reputation for the outdoors and with this network of cycle trails it will only be enhanced.

There are some existing and well established cycle trails in New Zealand, the most famous being the Otago Rail Trail, which attracts up to 20,000 visitors per year.

It is a well known fact that visitor spend per head for cycle tourists is at the higher end of the scale.

So for everyone involved in the trails, in whatever capacity, this project presents many opportunities.

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With this website our aim is to be the one stop shop for all information and resources related to the cycle trails. All the trails are described and there are interactive maps allowing the user to get a precise idea of what the trails involve. The maps also give elevation levels. We will soon also have video where you can ‘fly’ through the terrain of a trail to see what it will be like.

We have been busy ensuring this site is performing well in the search engines and are very happy to say we are on Page#1 of Google for almost all the trails. Also if you search for anything to do with the cycle trails project you will find us on page#1. And this is not just in New Zealand. If you search from Australia, United Kingdom, USA and many other countries our site comes up on page#1 for searches related to cycling in New Zealand.

We are now in a phase of building our business database. Our focus is on providing the user with the best and most accurate information. To this end we are inviting businesses to list on our website for specific cycle trails in their regions. The categories we have are; Accommodation, Bike Hire, Transport & Tours.

For an example of what the pages will look like click here.

At this stage we will list your business for FREE. The time will come when we will be charging for these listings but be assured if you list now there is absolutely no obligation on your part later.

We are committed to providing the best information for our website users and thus we are now focusing on building quality content. We believe you will see that our site is geared to what the cyclist wants and needs to know. The information around that will make it easy for them to fully plan and prepare their trip. From the example above you can see that the structure of our website makes it very easy to plan a trail.

You will also see from the example what kind of listing you will get. These listings are very comprehensive and are easy for the user to navigate. Each business gets their own unique page where they can showcase their product or service. Each page is fully search engine optimised and the pages are easily visible to users on the main page. Every business will have the opportunity to customise ‘their’ page. And your business will not be ‘buried’ in amongst hundreds of others.

As well as providing the best information for the website users we are also well aware that any business who lists on the site is looking to gain business from such a listing. That’s why the website has been designed with all interested parties catered for.

Anyway, we hope that you can see what a great opportunity this is to be part of our website and we invite you to submit your details to us for inclusion. And as we said already, it is totally FREE, at this time.

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This website brings you detailed information about the New Zealand Cycle Trail Project (Nga Haerenga). Plus the other great bike rides of NZ.

The mission of this website is to be the number one resource for all the cycle trails. With information about trail routes, trail descriptions, bike hire, transport, accommodation, restaurants/cafes and much more.

We provide you all the information you need in order for you to plan and book your entire cycling experience from one place.