Cycle Trails NZ Website

This site is being developed as the one stop website for all information related to The New Zealand Cycle Trail Project.

Emphasis at the moment is on creating web presence and exposure, in order that this website will show up at the top of Google for every search phrase related to the cycle trails. To achieve this we have employed the services of one of New Zealand’s top Internet Marketing companies – IMExperts

The next stage will be to build an interactive website whereby the user can get all the information they need about any trails they wish to do. Such information will include routes, directions, cycle hire, transport, accommodation, restaurants, cafes etc. As well as detailed descriptions of all the trails.

Business Listings

At this stage we are building our database for our users. Included in this will be listings of accommodation, cycle services and transport providers. To get your business listed please contact us via the contacts page. At present these listings are FREE. To see an example of a page with business listings click here.

The Cycle Trail Story

The idea for the cycle trails started back in February 2009. The new government, under prime minister John Key, proposed to build a network of cycle trails throughout New Zealand.

The trails for both local and international tourists would showcase the best of New Zealand. Not only that, they would offer economic and social benefits in a time of global financial uncertainty. The trails would be built by New Zealand businesses, they would also offer opportunities for a range of complimentary businesses and they would take New Zealand’s tourism pull to another level.

The Government has invested $50 million dollars in making this project happen. The trails are due for completion in the summer of 2012/2013.

St James Trail is already complete and open. Sections of other trails are also already open. These include the Twin Coast Cycle Trail, Waikato River Trail, Motu Trails, Lake Track, Ruapehu-Whanganui Trails, Hawke’s Bay Trails, Nelson/Tasman Trails, The Old Ghost Road, Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail, The Queenstown Trail, and the Around the Mountains Trail.

Nga Haerenga, The New Zealand Cycle Trail is a partnership between the Government and the Green Party.

Nga Haerenga means “the journeys”.

With all that New Zealand has to offer these ‘journeys’ will be a unique way to see our great land.

This website brings you detailed information about the New Zealand Cycle Trail Project (Nga Haerenga). Plus the other great bike rides of NZ.

The mission of this website is to be the number one resource for all the cycle trails. With information about trail routes, trail descriptions, bike hire, transport, accommodation, restaurants/cafes and much more.

We provide you all the information you need in order for you to plan and book your entire cycling experience from one place.