Interwetten successful Start 2016

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The sports betting providers Interwetten can also be made in the first quarter of 2016 to a successful balance sheet view. Already in the year 2015 had inter betting much to celebrate and could be an extremely successful development for themselves. This trend is also in the year 2016, as the first figures show.

So we could at the beginning of the 25. Inventory year on a total turnover of more than 12 million euro, which represents a growth of 10 percent compared to the previous year corresponded. In the event of inter-betting was happy to you as a law on the positive balance in the business year.

Figures for the first quarter of 2016 published

the betting provider Interwetten can also be made in the first quarter of the year 2016 a renewed growth, such as from the press center line. There will be again a growth of 31 percent and 12,000 first deposit. The other is the start of the “inter-betting Live” app, which is before the European Championship 2016 to be held shortly before. The expectations of inter-bets were already exceeded in the first quarter and the success story of the provider is continuing.

This brought the first quarter gross gaming revenues of 31 percent up to 61 million euro. In the first 3 months of the year 2016 already use more than 68,000 customers is the market leader in sports betting area, there were only 12,000 users. Mobile betting accounted for around 54 percent of sales to sports betting, 41 percent resulted from gaming revenues. This increased the sporting bet no records only by 29 percent, based on a margin of 12 percent. Between January and March, the gaming revenues on up to 34 percent increase.

Interwetten increases net profits

Werner Becher, the spokesman of Interwetten, is delighted that the net profit in the first 3 months already on 3.4 million Euro could increase: 29% growth in German speaking countries in addition to a strong performance in our licensed markets (75% growth in Greece and 23% in Spain) as well as 51% growth in other markets under lines that inter-bets is very successful in pre-regulated and regulated markets alike.”

The new app “Interwetten Live” should be in the run-up to the EM 2016 in France on the market. The app is a wealth of new and exciting features, which inspire betting. Optionally should there be a live ticker for sports events. The new app is due to TV-spots with the Swiss MotoGP Champion Tom L├╝thi from the Internet betting MotoGP racing team as a testimonial.

Sportingbet offers free games

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The betting provider Sportingbet offers of the day “Topspiel in the FC Bayern Munich vs. Benfica Lisbon” the customer the possibility to 7 free games to win. For this, customers should only on “correct result” tap and you get in right tip, free games.

On 13. April 2016 is in the Champions League to be shown again in the hot phase. The rear round game between Bayern Munich and Benfica Lisbon is on. It is the next to the Champions League, both teams full forward and must give their best.
Now Free Games with Sportingbet secure

the qualifying game on the can be set that will take place between “FC Bayern Munich vs. Benfica Lisbon”. On 13. April 2016, customers can even up to the kick-off at 20:45 on the game and thus secure free games. To do this you must click on the qualifying betting market “correct result”. If you do that, you can sign up for 7 free games of “Star burst” to qualify.

In the action of Sportingbet will only accept real money bets. Free bets are not permitted. The Free games are the customer on the day after the end of the qualifying game credited. They are then between 12:00 and 23:59 hours are available and can be used. The Free games are for the game “Star burst” is valid and can be activated only in the game. Before the player any profits can be paid out, the free games once fully inserted. Only then is a disbursement or use in other games. If players about real and bonus money, is first of all the bonus money. At the start of burst can however only Real Money Mode settings are accepted.
The chance to double the free games

All games are only until the next day at 23:59 pm valid. If Player until then the sales conditions are not met, the free games and bonuses will expire. The offer is only valid for bets were set before the start of the game. In the betting live betting area were placed, this action does not apply to. It can only single bets are taken into account. Therefore cases also KOMBI bets in the action.

If players want to double your free games, you will need to qualify for the offer and at least one bet before the game begins to “correct result” as well as 3 live betting on qualifying game. If the player has fulfilled all the conditions that he will be able to double the number of free games. Then apply the same through the game conditions as for the above action. Sportingbet reserves the right to the rules of the game to change without prior notice or to stop.

mybet: 15 Euro Underdog Bonus

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Football fans can in mybet just a 15 Euro bonus in the cup laws action. You only have to select on a victory of the outsider in the semi-finals of the DFB cup type. Should Bremen against Bavaria or Hertha against Dortmund Siegen, there will be a 15 Euro bonus.

Customers have to do only with your user name for the login action and can benefit from the bonus. For each of the outsider, the reached the semi-finals, mybet its customers a 15 Euro bonus credited, if both teams to move on, curls 30 Euro as a bonus.
So does the participation in the cup laws action

customers of mybet can benefit from the action if you are not sure about the participation Register button. You must then between the 15. April and the 19. April 2016 at least 30 euros on your customer account in order to be able to take part in the action. For the final participation must be at least 5 Euro on one of the two games, in order to be able to use the action.

For each of the outsider, Hertha BSC or Werder Bremen, which reached the final of the cup, the mybet customers a bonus to the value of 15 Euro deposit. So if both clubs to continue to come to wait a full 30 Euro on the customer. The payment of the bonus can be in multiple stages, but must be before 19. April 2016 20:30 must be completed.
The other terms and conditions

Customer can only take part in the action when the registration has been completed successfully. Then you will be in the event of a further coming of Hertha BSC and/or Werder Bremen each with a 15 Euro bonus rewards. The use per customer is at the trophy laws valid action only once and can be paid only once. The crediting of the bonus is 72 hours after the end of the action to the mybet account. Cash and customer cards users are excluded from the action.

System-, live- and returnable bets are excluded from the action and may not be taken into account. The betting provider mybet reserves the right to cancel the action without a statement of reasons to change or early exit. Players should your name on the login written incorrectly, you can not for the action to be taken into account. There must be action on the cup laws only players from Germany, Austria and Switzerland participate.

Bet365 Freebet

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On 12. April 2016 is again a Champions League game. This time is Real Madrid in the VfL Wolfsburg. Customers of the Bet365 can already receive a free live bet if you before the game place a bet.

For all the players in the Champions League game want to bet twice, is now both before the game as well as during the game to place a bet. The bet in the game is a risk-free live bet. The offer of bet365 applies exclusively to the game “Real Madrid vs. VfL Wolfsburg”. Each customer shall be the maximum amount of refund for 25 Euro.
The bet of bet365 in the overview of

who the risk free live bet would like to receive the must be before the start of the batch a bet on the game “Real Madrid vs. VfL Wolfsburg” at bet365. After game start, players will be able to further risk free bet on the game to place. If the first live bet is lost, the player receives the use up to a maximum of 25 Euros. There are only real money bets.

If more than one player live bet on the same ticket, is the first bet on the bet slip as risk-free bet. The bets must be paid by the player as usual and placed. Betting that With Cash-Out Option fully or partially prematurely were evaluated, do not pay for this offer. The offer is on a person, family, household, E-mail address, telephone number, same account number a deposit method and shared computer.
Further rules of the Bet365

the offer of the betting provider is limited to the Champions League game “Real Madrid vs. VfL Wolfsburg”, which is on the 12. April 2016 takes place. The amount of the risk-free bet is the use of the highest delivered before the match bet on the Champions League game. In the bet must be a single bet. Per customer is the maximum amount of the refund a maximum of 25 Euros (or equivalent currency). Bets have been placed before the game and not with Cash-Out completely or partially evaluated, qualify up to 25 Euro. As risk-free bet will be the first on the Champions League game set single bet is counted. There is a partial or full evaluation with Cash-Out instead, will forfeit the eligibility of the player.

“Before the game places” are betting that have been placed before the start. These bets must be paid by the customer as usual and placed. In the event of lost bets, the use within 2 hours after the end of the match will be credited to the customer’s account. 25 Euro correspond to the maximum amount that can be refunded per customer. In the case of breach of a condition of the offer of the Bet365 or the suspicion that a customer or a customer group a number of bets placed on the basis of a deposit bonus to improved profit payouts, etc., reserves of the bookmakers the right to recover the bet365 bonus of such offers and the identity of the customer to check.